Rinder Guitars is a made to order process specializing in familiar new and relic creations from the past! We also cater to that something a little extra you might dream up and would love to hear about it! We like comfortable guitars here at Rinder and we like comfortable prices as well! ,so think about that classic piece you always wanted and let us make it happen.....

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place. At Rinder Guitars we’ll give you the attention and personal service that is hard to come by these days.We take great pride in every order and look to involve the customer all along the way for a better experience ! Rinder Guitars has been located in Orange County,CA since 2007.

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“I have been playing tele’s since I started playing guitar 30 years ago, and continue to use them at gigs 2 to 4 nights per week….I don’t even bring another model of guitar. I’ve owned several originals and in my day job I have run across a number of the boutique built versions……I have not found anything better than a Rinder. Mark’s attention to detail is spot on……he has truly mastered the art of building amazing tele’s!”

Rick Skillman
Guitarist for Chris Lozano and The Dixie Playboys
North American OEM Sales Mgr, CELESTION UK LTD
Jeff  from Iowa had a project that didn't go his way and asked for some help in swapping out to a pine body,along with rebuilding the guitar and here is what he had to say!

I was very impressed with your willingness to talk to me at length about the project, give me pointers, feedback, suggestions. I like the way you kept in contact with me, sent me updates and pictures, explained issues that came up and suggested solutions, and in general kept me in the loop. Not all craftsmen are as willing to communicate. Some of them can make the customer feel like a pain in the neck for asking questions, but you were never that way in this process and I appreciate it.
Good guitars are easy to find. They are not hard to build and can be bought just about anywhere these days. But, truly great and inspiring guitars are a harder get. But that is exactly what my Rinder Guitar is to me. Inspirational. From it's nitro-coated one-piece sugar pine body to it's custom-finished neck, the tone that my Rinder delivers drives me to play more, play deeper and play with more conviction. I know that the sound in my head is going to come through my custom built Rinder, then out of the speaker. Everytime!

Andy Winston
Yamaha Corp.
Rob in Santa Monica,Ca purchased a sweet model 60' aged fiesta red esquire and  is really diggin it !!!   

Kirk in Santa Barbara just finished his build using a rinder 1 pc sugar pine body and had this to say !!

"Man that body is perfect weight and really resonant !  These are my new fav...Thanks for making these....Kirk

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The guitar is really one of a kind,i can not put it down ! I just can't get over how great the  pickups sounds. For once a tele that does not have that nasally "AM RADIO"sound on the bridge pickup. I have half a dozen tele guitars,several custom ones and there is no comparison to this guitar ! I loved it so much i bought another one in blue....Thanks Mark 

Les from Brea,Ca
Guitarist for Last Chance

From start to finish i had a great experience with Rinder Guitars.I'm Completely thrilled with my guitar ! It plays great ,sounds great and looks great.Not only did mark build me the exact guitar that i imagined ,but also exceeded my expectations in terms of it's sound and play ability. Mark was tremendously helpful and patient throughout the planning phase and the guitar was in my hands right on schedule...I'm already starting to think about what i should have mark build me next !!!

Doug  from Pitt,Pa
Guitarist / Musician
I have known Mark for 20 years.... He currently does great work for us as well as being a former employee in the woodshop in the earlier years and i must say that his latest creations are truly wonderful instruments !!!!

John McLaren Jr.
G&L Guitars / BBE Sound
I recently purchased a shoreline gold  T- master from Mark and it's really a unique guitar and the Fullerton wound pickups really are true to claim.This particular guitar did not exist back in the day, but you certainly would never know it ! If you don't want to pay the ridiculous prices that most of theses type guitars go for then do yourself a favor and try one out !!!!!!   

John R. Arkansas
Audio Engineer And Musician
Now I feel special! For years, I've been seeking out a relic tele that I connected with. I came across Mark (who worked for Rickenbacker and custom work for G&L) and he does absolutely amazing custom work. I bought this guitar out of his "gallery" and ended up custom ordering another. 

I've been playing the guitar nonstop . It's a resonating dream come true -- I have it strung with 11's and have been playing through a variety of amps. You know that feel when you sit down with a guitar in your lap and strum an open G and feel the whole thing vibrating -- this is that guitar. I bought this one for da blues and da country (fyi I'm a jazz guitarist at heart, so my other order is for a SD Alnico Pro II humbucking neck pickup rosewood fretboard tele, that'll be strung with flatwound 12's -- totally different)

The neck may be one of the nicest most "worn in old friend" feels that I've ever experienced. The relic is not overdone -- it's just awesome. Can't wait to gig this one. I am totally stoked on the guitar and can't wait for its friend to show up.

Mark is outstanding to work with and I would STRONGLY suggest that anyone in the market for a relic-caster send him an email.

Eric from  Los Angeles
Jazz Musician    
Taken from TDPRI                                                                                                                     
I'm very happy with it. Plays like a dream. Very resonant and light. I love the tone . All in all... Perfect !!!

I made a video with the guitar you made me

Sioux City, Iowa

I just bought a black Rinder T. I'm a 60 year old guitarist and I've been playing since I was a teenager and this is one of the absolute best guitars I have ever played. I've had two Nash tele's in the past and sold them but this Rinder tele is a keeper for sure. I wanted a back up electric to my PRS 1999 McCarty hollowbody (in whale blue) w/humbuckers but now the PRS is going to be the back up. I may be interested in one of your "C" guitars down the line

Paul R.
Los Angeles,Ca
As a long time guitar player i  have always had my eye on a tele-master since it was conceived many years back and recently found Rinder Guitars to make one for me ! As the guitar got close to being finished, i was sent photos and i instanly connected with the guitar visually. It represented exactly what i had hoped for ! When the guitar arrived i was so pleased in every way.. Everything was dead on and  absolutly love it.....Thanks Mark !

I'm really in love with this guitar. The relicing is perfect for my taste and the neck tint is beautiful. This is the guitar that I had in my mind when we discussed the build. The neck carve is perfect for my hands. I like to use the thumb over the top of the neck alot and this neck allows me to do that and still have a good full size neck. I'm very happy with the sugar pine body. I was kind of nervous about ordering it but now I'm compleletly happy with it. I really love the resonance of this guitar, it's just beautiful. Very nice weight. I could go on but you already know what I'm talking about. So thanks for a great guitar at a good price. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and I can tell you really love building these guitars...... Thanks Mark.

Mark - Musician
N. Carolina
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the time and effort you put into building my Rinder T. I felt compelled to write after having a conversation with a friend about the merits of relic guitars. More specifically, we were talking about the characteristics of different relic guitars and the relatively few companies that are capable of recreating the mojo without going too far or focusing on trivial details. I have several relic guitars, but I have to say that yours is among the most accurate in terms of sound, feel, and overall mojo.  
The majority of Relics I have looked at in recent years feel like obvious costume jobs and utilize relic techniques that can get in the way of function. My new tele is the perfect balance of vintage correct, modern reliability, and tasteful aging that reflects real world conditions. Best of all, it’s obvious your focus is still on what it should be, tone and playability. This guitar captures everything I love about vintage Teles and definitely has the essential ingredients of a great guitar. I really appreciate the discussions about guitars, my playing, and what I liked about that style of guitar. I really feel like you listened and gave me the instrument I asked for. It is hard to get that kind of customer service and individual attention nowadays.  

It’s obvious that your passion is providing customers with a guitar they truly feel connected with, and keeping the price realistic. It is nice to see some top quality hand built instruments in the market that keep the pride in the instrument and the music you create, not in the amount you were capable of spending on it. You are one of the true purists left in the sea of commercialism. I hope people can really grasp and appreciate what you are doing here. Paying $6k doesn’t mean they get a better guitar; I have bought more than one…and they sit on the shelf while I play the guitars that actually feel right. 
Keep doing what you’re doing. I appreciate everything!

Mike - Guitarist
Sioux City, Iowa
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